Bikers, rock’n’roll and Hedi Slimane…The reimagining and repositioning of YSL (now Saint Laurent Paris) continues with the Spring/Summer 2014 campaign featuring Natalie Westling and Nastya Sten and Jeff Fribourg. Photographed again by creative director Hedi Slimane, there is more of the coolest biker’s, trendiest tux jackets and sequins all with the new signature rock’n’roll attitude. Again, the campaign is presented in black & white and seems to be much more focused on the clothes and a bit less on the wearer (models vs. celebrities also help). Companion video (more animated wallpaper vs. more typical conceptual video) provides some graphic flash for both the brand’s site and social media channels. Not sure how sales are going, but gold star for brand repositioning. All beautifully and consistently executed. Bravo, Mr. Slimane…

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