Art SPOTTED. The Museum of Modern Art | Isa Genzken Retrospective. Isa Genzken’s new show at the MoMA is the first major respective of the German artist’s work in the U.S. Considered one of the most important and influential female sculptors of the past thirty years, Genzken is difficult to define by a single medium or tradition and has made compelling and influential contributions in numerous fields. Her more recent work is with found objects and collage which has found a significant audience with a new generation of art devotees and collectors. Sponsored by Céline (creative director Phoebe Philo is a huge Genzken fan), the exhibit attracts a good dose of the New York and visiting fashionable crowd. Worth braving the holiday crowds (but showing until March 10th), it offers perfect antidote to all the manufactured holiday cheer. And don’t forget the museum’s (and Danny Meyer’s) delectable Bar Room. Perfect place to ponder Genzken over a nice riesling and celebrated chef Kreuther’s Modern Liverwurst. Get your German on…

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